February Beauty Releases: Pass or Purchase

Hello beautiful people,
Today I’m talking about some new Beauty releases that I am super excited for and some that aren’t worth the splurge. Now most of these releases are from high-end brands, and though I am more of a drugstore girl myself I do like to splurge every once in a while.

Colourpop Animal Crossing Collection: Colourop is known for their collaborations, this one I was really excited for even though I am not a gamer. Animal Crossing is super cutesy and I am here for cutesy packaging. The collection includes 2 blushes, 2 lip products and 4 mini palettes. The entire line sold out within 24 hours of being released, yet it has been restocked. I was considering purchasing one of the palettes, but honestly none of them stood out to me. I did pass this time around though if the collection is ever restocked I may pick one of the products up solely for the packaging.

Urban Decay Naked Wild West Palette: Urban Decay has got a lot of hate towards this palette. Makeup lovers, like myself, want to see more original releases from the brand and for them to officially put the Naked line to rest. As for me, I will always love the Naked collection since it helped start my beauty obsession. I will probably buy anything they release in this line forever. I do understand that they could have played more on the “wild west” theme and released a whole collection, instead of another Naked palette. However, I will for sure be picking this palette up and reviewing it on the blog.

Marc Jacobs Cafe Collection: I just don’t understand the hype behind this brand. They are coming out with some new concealers, foundations and face trios. I never buy high-end foundations or concealers so this is a pass for me. Also, the face trios are very small compared to others on the market. You barely get any product for such a high price tag.

Milk Makeup Color Chalk: This product has caught my attention since it is very unique.The chalk style product are for use on the eyes, face and lips. It comes in 14 different shades and the packaging is made of recyclable materials. Honestly, the concept behind these sounds really cool, but I don’t if the execution will meet my expectations. I haven’t tried anything from Milk Makeup so I might go ahead and pick one of these up. I would like to test them out and review it for you guys. However, I think that I will wait and see more reviews on them and see if they go on sale before I buy some.

Tarte Pretty Basic Collection: Tarte collaborated with Alisha Marie & Remi Cruz, host of the Pretty Basic podcast, on a nude, almost all matte eye and cheek palette. In the set, you get the 8-pan palette, travel-size “Lights, Camera, Lashes” mascara and “Sugar Rush” lip oil in Pretty Basic. If you are a fan of the podcast and want to support Alisha and Remi you should purchase this palette, because it is very beautiful. That being said, if you are a makeup collector like me then this probably anything different to add to your collection. I like that this palette has a lot of nude shades and it is great for makeup beginners, but I have many palettes similar to this so I won’t be purchasing it. I am going to pass on this release and seeing what Tarte comes out with next.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my thoughts on some of the new beauty releases. I feel like brands are releasing new products left and right, so let me know if you want me to do more of these kinds of posts. As always don’t forget to like and share this post, and follow the blog.


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